Star Wars Weekend Planning Chats

2 May

It’s amazing: The Phantom Menace is even worse than I remembered. My youngling is training for the Padawan Mind Challenge at Star Wars Weekends (we’ll be there in 48 days!), and as part of his preparation we’re watching the entire 6-episode saga in order (episode order, not chronological release order). So, tonight we’re watching The Phantom Menace, and had to stop after the podrace for a little intermission. I’m not sure whether I was about to hurl, or about to fall asleep, but either way I needed a little break.

One of these days I gotta track down a copy of The Phantom Edit. If nothing else, it’s a shorter version.

Now, if intermission weren’t wrapping up soon, I’d probably be heading over to one of the Star Wars Weekends planning chats over at StudiosCentral, which is scheduled for tonight at 8PM EDT. There’s another one in a few weeks, May 30, also at 8PM EDT. I did read their article on planning for autograph sessions, which had some cool tips, and which sent me scurrying over to eBay to browse through such items as ewok valentines and comic books, pondering what I might like to have Warwick Davis sign.

But alas, it’s time to head back to the couch. I’m glad we’re getting this one out of the way first, though. In my opinion, episodes 1-3 get better as they go along (ie, I like 2 better than 1, and 3 better than 2). And it won’t be long before we get to the original trilogy, and those of course are the ones that won my heart. (“So, whaddya think of her Han?” “I’m tryin’ not to, kid.”)

[Update: Hey cool, I just realized I was wrong about the dates, and that the first planning chat wasn’t May 2, it’s May 9! So there’s still plenty of time to make it to one or both.]

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