Responses to Broke Hoedown Reader Survey

12 May

A bunch of you were kind enough to take the Reader Survey I posted a while back. Thank you! It’s great to hear where you’re coming from, and a little bit about how Broke Hoedown is perceived by my frequent readers.

Quite frankly I’m still in shock that this blog gets as much traffic as it does . . . I honestly never figured more than a handful of people would read it. Plenty of my traffic seems to come from people looking for a single item and just passing through (the Pin-ups post from a while back is always well-visited, which I shouldn’t find surprising . . . but I am surprised at how perennial my coverage of Anime Boston 2007 has turned out to be). But there some number of you who read Broke Hoedown regularly, and I’m quite flattered and glad that you do.

One comment really struck me, so I thought I’d respond to it here.

Skip the news, it is already everywhere. More adult level discussions and commentary would be welcome. Also I suggest you take more chances by stating an an opinion and taking a stand. Just like you did with your ‘Which Fantasmic is better?’ Jentasmic column. Not just to be “controversial” but I think chooising a side leads to better discourse. Plus we all know Disneyland is better than the Magic Kingdom but WDW Resort is better than DL Resort. There I said it.

Y’know, I think you’re right . . . the news is in fact everywhere, and anybody who reads this blog regularly has just gotta be reading some of the news-oriented Disney podcasts (The Disney Blog is one of my favorites in this category). So, I’ll try to take this to heart. This might mean fewer postings, but perhaps of higher content value. At least, I hope so.

(But, well, I can’t totally agree with you on DL vs MK and WDW vs DLR. Sometimes I just wanna roll out of bed at the Best Western and be at the front gate with a 3 minute walk across the street. But then again, there’s something super-awesome about that Monorail ride across property, from Epcot to Magic Kingdom. So I dunno.)

This comment also underscores something that I was glad to see in the survey responses: Those who responded either really like, or don’t mind, the fact that I deal with grown-up topics from time to time. Which of course makes sense . . . because if they didn’t like it, they’d go somewhere else, right?

Again, many thanks to those who took the time to respond. I appreciate it!

2 Responses to “Responses to Broke Hoedown Reader Survey”

  1. biblioadonis aka George May 12, 2008 at 10:20 pm #

    Ahem, still waiting on my check for saying all of those nice things about you on the survey.

    OH wait…that’s right! Lisa paid me to say those nice things!

  2. sambycat May 14, 2008 at 8:06 am #

    checks in the mail, georgie

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