That Demon Nostalgia!

10 Jun

Best. Splash Mountain Picture. Ever!

Now, admittedly I’m no fan of Splash Mountain myself, but I love this picture, from The Poop at SFGate. The article’s definitely worth a read too, offering the author’s top 5 list of Disneyland attractions. And I totally agree with the author that White Tank Top Guy in his pictures adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

The Poop also briefly mentions my first favorite roller coaster, The Demon at Marriott’s Great America (okay yeah I know, it’s now California’s Great America or something, but I don’t care). It was quite the fabulous roller coaster for 1980: Fog machines, blood-red colored water spurting out of the ground, double corkscrew and back-to-back loops! And how awesome is this logo?

And people, I have to tell you I so totally wish I still had my “Double Dare the Demon” pin from 7-11! You had to buy a Slurpee in a specially-marked cup, and they gave you a pin that let you ride The Demon twice in a row, without getting back out of the car. Just keep your butt right in that seat, watch the other passengers depart/board, and go again! Damn.

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