LA Times Travel on Toy Story Mania

18 Jun

I have been staying relatively spoiler-free for the new Toy Story Mania attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but coudn’t resist reading Brady MacDonald’s piece on beating John Lassiter on the sister attraction at Disney’s California Adventure. It even includes info on an Easter Egg, which I’ll bring along to Orlando tomorrow (along with a host of others I found on the interweb, since Google is my friend).

Mouse Planet staff writer Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix showed me the secret to unleashing a shower of 2,000-point balloons in the Bo Peep dart-toss game. The trick: shoot four of the five balloons in each of the hovering clouds before popping the fifth and final balloons at the same time as your partner. Teamwork triggers similar bonus-point deluges in the Green Army Men game and the Saloon scene.

I know the lines for this attraction will be insane, I do not care a whit, I can hardly wait!

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