DIY: Make Your Own Jungle Cruise Playhouse

30 Jun

Jungle Cruise Playhouse

I’m not a big fan of the Jungle Cruise. I get so irritated by the “native” stereotypes that I can’t sit back and enjoy the cheezy audio-animatronics or the hokey patter from the tour guide.

Nonetheless, my hat is off to madhatter1138, who not only made this super-nifty playhouse for his daughters, but documented the whole process on Instructables! How cool is that? Now that‘s dedication. And hey, is it just me or does his name make you think he’s not only a Disney fan, but also a student of early George Lucas’ films?

Hat tip: BoingBoing.

One Response to “DIY: Make Your Own Jungle Cruise Playhouse”

  1. madhatter1138 July 3, 2008 at 12:48 am #

    Here I am doing some research for my playhouse, and I happen across this! I feel almost famous!

    Dedicated,perhaps, obsessed..totally!

    As with most rides at Disneyland, I enjoy the show buildings and the queue areas the most.The rides I could do without.Especially Indy Jones,the ride doen’t even come close to measuring up to the preceding queue! The Jungle Cruise building just speaks to me,and watching the boats come and go is enough for me.
    My girls are too young right now (3 years and 8 months) to really appreciate it,but I know one day they will.In the meantime…lemonade on the porch for me!

    Thx for the mention.

    Best Regards
    Steve Guizzo
    aka madhatter1138

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