My Star Wars Weekends Top 7

6 Jul

Studios Central TeamNo, I am not done talking about Star Wars Weekends 2008 yet. Not even close. If y’all are lucky, I’ll stop talking about it sometime in January…and take a couple weeks off, before I then start yammering on again in anticipation of Star Wars Weekends 2009!

In last week’s Jentasmic! column over at StudiosCentral, I share my Star Wars Weekends Top 7 (with apologies to Stacey). A tidbit:

5. Attend Hyperspace Hoopla. You’ve seen it on YouTube, now get down for real. We’re not just talking Dancing with the Star Wars Stars…we’re talking Hyperspace Hoopla Hustle, baby! You didn’t fly all the way to Orlando just to stand around self-consciously. Put on your boogie shoes.

Oh, and hey, that picture there? That’s some of the StudiosCentral crew: Glenn Sonoda (right), Matt Hochberg (center), and yours truly (the chick).

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