Is WALL-E the Final Cylon?

9 Jul

Well, Mr. Broke Hoedown certainly seems to think that a cute little lonely robot will feature prominently in the final episodes of Battlestar Gallactica. Lookie here:

At the end of the last Battlestar Gallactica episode for the year (what a depressing phrase) they showed a teaser for next season with the crew finally making it back to earth. Said earth looks distinctly like the earth WALL*E is attempting to clean up. Coincidence? I think not. While some might say that one destroyed earth looks much like another, I disagree. My dimunitive hero makes much more sense as #12 than any of the other ideas I’ve had. What better way to show the meshing of human and robot-kind than Mr. W? Plus it could explain how Starbuck’s viper got so clean and new. That cleanbot did it!

Do you see why I love this man? Go to his review and keep reading…he works in a Planet of the Apes reference, and then continues on to WALL-E’s copyright violations.

One Response to “Is WALL-E the Final Cylon?”

  1. collateraldamage July 10, 2008 at 9:55 am #

    and here i thought it was my fashion sense that snagged her. no, wait. i don’t have any fashion sense…

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