Flashback: Disneyland Paris, Summer 2005

31 Aug

I can hardly believe my good fortune, but…I am planning another trip to Paris, in August of 2009! A friend has kindly made her home available to my family for the last two weeks of the month, so I am literally rolling my pennies and dimes to help scrape together the money for our airfare. (And with a little luck, I might just make MagicMeets that month too! After all, it is on my birthday next year!)

Now, you know this will involve a few days at Disneyland, right? And you know I can’t resist researching things waaaay ahead, right? So I did a little search on the DisBoards, and found my own Disneyland Paris trip report from August 2005. It’s like a time capsule of my geekitude. When I wrote that report, I hadn’t yet fully immersed myself in the Disney online fan community yet (heck, I didn’t start this blog until a year later), and it shows in moments like this:

Then it was time for one of my favorites: Pirates of the Carribean! This is one of my absolute favorites at the other parks, so I was really excited for the DLRP versions, which I’d heard great things about. I simply cannot say enough about the DLRP version of Pirates. Starting at the top . . . the queueing area is superb. There was virtually no line, so there wasn’t enough time for our eyes to adjust, and we often could barely see where we were going. Very effective, actually! The decor was great, and gave a great introduction to the ride. Once on the ride, cruising through the restaurant was great, just like WDW (I think? or is it Anaheim?), but actually a little nicer. And then the ride itself was incredible. I liked the moonlight effects, the wind blowing through the skeletons’ pirate costumes, the way the narrative structure worked (quite different from Anaheim or WDW). The two drops were great, and I liked the empty, black hole feeling of them (also a bit different than either of the others). I also liked the building’s exterior.

Um, I didn’t remember whether the restaurant was at Orlando or Anaheim? Helloooooo?

Another moment that cracked me up (yes, I crack myself up):

Then Phantom Manor, yay! Another of my favorites, like POTC, and also spooky, just the way I like it. I loved the entranceway after the elevator, and then of course I loved the whole ride. The ballroom is always my favorite scene; I still have to explain to DS about how it’s done with Poppers’ Ghost (he thought it was holograms, very sweet). I also love the graveyard. I still don’t understand the narrative plot, but figure one of these days I can just read about it somewhere online.

Now, the funny thing about that last part is that I have no memory of going on that attraction whatsoever! In fact, I honestly thought I hadn’t! But hey, it was a few years back…and many parts of the trip are a blur. (and yeah, it’s Pepper’s Ghost, actually.)

I am now happily immersing myself in planning for the trip! I’m actually finding that the book Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation and Theme Parks, which I already happened to be reading, keep surprising me with little tidbits about what was then known as Euro Disneyland. It’s a bit outdated…but nonetheless, at the end of every chapter I seem to find something! I don’t think I rode the Snow White attraction last time around…and this time I surely will, knowing that it has the ending originally planned for Anaheim in the big Fantasyland revision, but scrapped because of duration constraints. And I do recall seeing the oh-so-pleased Figaro in Pinocchio’s Village Haus, but had forgotten about it until my son reminded me that’s where we had our Good Morning Fantasyland breakfast.

Of course, it’s not just Disneyland I’m going to see, but the City of Light! There’s so much to learn all over again! Carte Orange metro cards have been discontinued…so I need to learn about the new Navigo system, about which precious little is available in English online. Je parle seulement un peu de Français, mais j’essai apprendre! My son’s old enough to be interested in the Catacombs now, so perhaps I’ll finally take a trip through its bone-covered halls. There is so much to see and do, new and old, and I can hardly believe my good fortune.

One Response to “Flashback: Disneyland Paris, Summer 2005”

  1. Amy August 31, 2008 at 8:07 pm #

    How exciting! Coincidentally, I was just playing around with packages on the Disneyland Paris website last night. Two weeks in Paris, with a few days at Disneyland seems perfect. Have fun planning!

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