More Sponsored Links: Amazon Associates Program

31 Aug

Okay okay, this isn’t really Disney news or opinion, but… I wanted to let y’all know that I’ve joined the Amazon Associates program. What does this mean exactly? Well, from this point on when I mention books or other merchandise, (which I generally do, from time to time), I’ll try to link to them on Amazon, and if you follow the link and buy that item I get a small commission. I’m also gradually building an Amazon Associates Store, where you’ll find links to some of my favorite Disney-oriented books.

This is the second piece of advertising I’m incorporating, now joining my sponsored link to Orlando Fun Tickets. And yeah, if you’re buying tickets and want to support Broke Hoedown, that’s another way to do it too! Neither one of these is the kind of money that’s gonna get me a week at the Grand Floridian or anything, but it might just buy me a Mickey Bar now and then, or perhaps contribute a couple bucks towards some special trip I might just take next summer (more about that later).

We now conclude this commercial interruption, and return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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