Jentasmic!: SuperStar Monorail Cast Members

25 Nov

In the front car of the MonorailI was thrilled when I heard that some of the Year of a Million Dreams team had read my Jentasmic! column last month on Superstar Cast Members. I’m sad that the Year of a Million Dreams is wrapping up soon, and truly hope that Disney will continue to give its Cast Members the flexibility to be able to provide an extra bit of kindness and magic here and there, as the individual Cast Members see fit.

So, I just couldn’t resist reprising the concept, and this time focusing on some of the fabulous Cast Members I’ve met on the Monorails. I have been so very fortunate! A sample:

Backstage Tour! I have never seen the Electrical Water Pageant. Dunno why…every trip I think I’m gonna catch it, and then every trip it’s just too much bother to get over to the viewing spot when I could be taking yet another spin on Pirates or Haunted Mansion. But thanks to one kind Cast Member, now I know where they keep the floats! My son and I were chatting about the water pageant while riding in the coveted front car of the Monorail between Magic Kingdom and the TTC, and the Monorail Operator was kind enough to slow down the monorail for a few seconds while he pointed out the storage location to us.  I still haven’t seen the darn pageant…but now I feel like I’m in on a fun little secret.

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