American Idol Experience Details Keep Coming

7 Jan

Brady McDonald of the LA Times has a brief piece with more details on the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This bit in particular caught my eye:

* Before the show, Disney handlers go over a long list of prohibited lyrical ad-libs, obscene gestures and wardrobe malfunctions.

How much would I love to see this specific list? And how badly tempting would it be? It’s like telling me not to think of elephants…which would immediately be all I can think of.

Matt Hochberg got a sneak preview of the American Idol Experience building recently, which he talks about on WDW Today Episode 504.

I still stand behind my skeptical Jentasmic! column on the topic. But if it’s a big hit, it wouldn’t be the first time that Disney fans are crazy about an attraction that just don’t float my boat. (Hello, Splash Mountain!) I’ll echo the thoughts of a comment on the WDW Today site:

…f it will pull crowds away form the attractions I want to visit, then I’m all for it.

One Response to “American Idol Experience Details Keep Coming”

  1. Jon January 8, 2009 at 4:32 am #

    I totally agree with your skepticism. This thing is going to be a train wreck. Let’s face it, Disney needs to promote itself and I have a feeling that this attraction will basically become a chance for Disney to get coverage via American Idol.

    Disney has sponsored pavilions at Epcot, but this thing is a giant commercial and the Idol franchise is on the downturn. I wonder if this is planned obsolescence. Do an attraction and hope to get a few years out of it. Hmm.

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