Maui Yard Sale Shopping Spree

3 Mar

Yard sale goodies

One of the things I love about travel is hitting the local thrift shops and yard sales. And whaddya know, you can pretty much guess which coast I’m on based on the Disney park from which I’m finding merchandise.

Last month’s trip to Maui’s Upcountry region yielded some great yard sale finds.

From left to right:

  • A set of retro-style coasters from Disneyland, apparently from the 50th Anniversary celebration. I especially love the waving spaceman from Tomorrowland.
  • A fold-up tote bag, that fits into a little matching pouch. It’s super-light, and easy to carry around in my purse so I always have a re-usable bag handy. I wouldn’t put anything real heavy in it, but it’ll hold a few pounds of groceries, the odds and ends I pick up at the drugstore, etc.
  • “Disneyland: Then, Now, and Forever,” a fun little souvenir of the 50th Anniversary but perhaps not worth what you’d have to pay online (here’s the Amazon link)). Still, if you’re gonna buy a copy, wouldya buy it through my Amazon store please? Just think, you’d be funding my future yard sale trips!
  • And of course, nothing says “vacation on Maui” like a Disneyland baseball hat from the Lahaina Salvation Army. Woot!

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