MousePlanet Highlights Firing Lineup

10 Apr

The recent layoffs at Disneyland have cut deep. David Koenig offers this commentary at MousePlanet today:

As one old-timer points out: “They say this is all about cutting fat, but look at (how they’re staffing) the hourly cast members.” He notices that despite heavy crowds, Disneyland is scheduling a minimal number of front-line operators, leaving attractions and other facilities under-staffed or completely unstaffed. The cuts in capacity result in guests waiting longer and receiving fewer choices.

He reasons that if Disney chooses to save a few bucks at the cost of lesser service in full view of the paying guests, what makes you think they’re not doing the same thing in the back offices?

Certainly Disneyland is not immune to these troubling economic times. Most large businesses have had to undergo difficult layoffs. Disney’s theme parks have “rightsized” their employee ranks before, and they will have to again.

But what’s not right is spreading the message that the hundreds of loyal cast members who were let go were expendable and aren’t a real loss. The loss is real to them and their families and, as regular visitors to Disneyland, I fear their loss will be real to us, as well.

He continues on to pay tribute to many of the recently laid-off Cast Members, several of whom had been working at the Park since 1956. The loss is substantial, and can’t help but affect Guest experience, as well as putting long-term, loyal Cast Members out of work. It’s a sad day.

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