Disney Garden Fresh Produce

5 May

Mr. Broke Hoedown was kind enough to point me to the Every Kitchen Table blog, for an interesting article about the Disney Garden brand of fresh produce. It begins:

Living in central Vermont, with its population of less than 100,000 people spread among many small towns, has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, until this weekend, I had never heard of Imagination Farms, the company selected by The Walt Disney Company to market the Disney Garden brand of fresh produce (hat tip to Ethicurean).

It got me thinking about why a massive worldwide entertainment company like Disney would get into a line of business like produce. After all, it’s really difficult to mark up produce, especially as you add companies between farms and consumers, and even harder when one of those companies is one of the world’s premium brands. I decided to dig a little deeper.

I haven’t yet happened across Disney Garden produce, but then again I doubt it’s going to be showing up in a Trader Joe’s near me anytime soon. And I’m sure I’m not the consumer they’re looking for; I wouldn’t pay a premium for the Disney brand on my produce.

Or maybe just once, for novelty’s sake.

They say the first taste is free, right?

2 Responses to “Disney Garden Fresh Produce”

  1. Jon May 7, 2009 at 5:09 pm #

    Been to a Kroger lately? The grocery chain signed a deal with Disney to brand a lot of exclusive products. They have soft drink mix (kool aid), granola bars, cereals, stickers on produce…it goes on an on…. see some here: http://www.diningindisney.com/disney-fruit-and-vegetables-see-why-its-a-hit-at-the-supermarket/

    Kroger also sells the Old Yeller dog good and That Darn Cat cat food! http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/disney-dog-food.html

    Watch Disney. Visit Disney. Buy Disney. Eat Disney. Yikes.

  2. Jennifer May 7, 2009 at 8:22 pm #

    Nope, no Kroger’s round these parts!

    Sure do love That Darn Cat food. 🙂

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