A Nod to Cast Members’ Tact and Discretion

28 May

Theme Park Insider has a nice article about a Cast Member finding a way to ask a most delicate question:

Calm a crying child before he stops the line at load? Also tricky, but a warm smile and kneeling down to a child’s eye level do wonderful things.

Wiping up a “protein spill” after said child finishes that ride? Disgusting, but less so once one discovers that invaluable substance, “Vo-Ban.”

No, this single most difficult thing a theme park employee has to do is…

Ask a women if she is pregnant.

If she says ‘yes,’ hey, not only have you done your job well, but maybe you also just prevented a horrible incident that could have compromised her pregnancy.

But if she says ‘no’… oh my heaven, hell hath no fury than a woman mistaken for a pregnant one.

Just one more reminder of the thankless tasks many Cast Members are up against!

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