Curiouser and Curiouser: Gay Days at Disney Theme Parks

2 Jun

It’s Gay Days at Walt Disney World! So, just as you’d expect…..I’m on business travel in Portland Oregon. So I must simply send my heartfelt cheers to my queer friends in Orlando this week, and let you all know that I’m wearing a virtual red shirt in solidarity. (Because in actuality, I’m wearing a committee sweater.)

If you’ve ever been curious about the history and sociological analysis of this event, as well as its sister in Anaheim, you simply have to check out the essay, “Curiouser and Curiouser: Gay Days at the Disney Theme Parks,” part of the collection “Rethinking Disney: Private Control, Public Dimensions.” Your local library may well have it, but you can also read pieces of it online at Google Books. The essay brings you on a journey from “Guerilla Raid” to “Discreet Charity Event” to “Apolitical Vacation.” Sounds a little like my life, actually.

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