Missing Star Wars Weekends?

8 Jun

You are not alone! Read my recent Jentasmic! column on StudiosCentral.com.

Can’t get to Star Wars Weekends this year? Or perhaps you’ve already been this year? Even if you’re planning to attend the last of this year’s weekends, sooner or later you’ll be in my shoes: Suffering through Star Wars Weekends withdrawal.

It’s not a pretty thing, really. Sure, I can calm myself for a few hours here and there by cruising YouTube for Star Wars mash-ups, and Lord knows my blogreader brings me plenty of geeky Star Wars goodness on a near-daily basis. I could even drag out the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit for a rousing game with the boy, just like we played together to prep him for last year’s Jedi Mind Challenge. But it’s a far cry from skipping down Commissary Lane looking for that Jawa who’ll trade you a Disney Vacation Club for a shiny new penny.

Aah, happy times those were……

Jawa trader

But today? It’s like I’ve missed the funky boogie train.

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