Jentasmic: Taking Pictures, Making Memories

10 Jul

Laughing for joy at the Castle

This week in Jentasmic!, I’m thinking back on special moments, and wondering what goes into making them:

On my office desk sits one of my most-treasured Disney photos: My son in a fit of laughter, in front of Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle on an overcast day. I have no recollection of why he’s laughing, except the fact that it’s absolutely not posed; we were having a fit of giggles.

We hadn’t traveled across the Atlantic just for Disneyland Paris, though I can understand why some would. In our case, we’d come to Paris with my husband and my parents, as most of us had fallen in love with Paris on earlier trips, and one happy afternoon had realized we were all free the same week of August 2005. We spent that week in Paris, with my son and I taking a 2-day trip mid-week to Disneyland Paris, staying on site at Hotel Cheyenne (I still have the on-site ID card tacked to the bulletin board in my office, with my Carte Orange, just above the picture of my son).

(There’s a bit of a kicker in the story too….I wasn’t always so happy when I looked back at that moment. The rest of the story’s over on StudiosCentral, bien sur.)

And now with just 37 days left before my trip to Paris, I’m glad for the reminder to look back on my Disneyland Paris trip report from 2005. My son had been just a tiny bit on my case about the fact that we didn’t go to Pizza Planet that trip (which we discussed a bit on Those Darn Cats #57), and I am reassured to find that I have a good excuse for not taking him there:

We headed back to the park around 5:00 for a little dinner and maybe a couple more rides. We wanted to eat at Pizza Planet but it was closed, so we headed to Cafe Hyperion instead. I wasn’t crazy about the food, but DS loved the decor! Especially of course the big screen TVs, so he could watch cartoons. The cartoons had English and French interspersed, and they were all understandable even when you didn’t know the language.

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