Michael Jackson Disney Medley

16 Jul

The Best Possible Job blog ran a great Michael Jackson Walt Disney World video last month, which I just came across while catching up on too much unread stuff. I don’t have a good way to embed it, so please go there and watch it (don’t worry, I’ll wait here for you).

I don’t have any context for the clip, but can only assume it’s fairly contemporary with The Wiz, a 1970s glitter tour de force for not only Jackson, but also Nipsey Russell. In fact, I recall when my son and I watched The Wiz many years back, he and I argued over whether Jackson or Russell was the better dancer (I picked Jackson).

When I was a kid, I’d see clips like this about Disney parks and think that all those characters would just run around with you all day, riding the teacups and the Matterhorn, skipping along through Fantasyland. I suppose it must have been quite an eye opener for me when we finally went to Disneyland circa 1976. In the picture below, you can almost hear me thinking, “Who are all these other kids, anyway?”

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