Random, and Somewhat Cranky, Round-Up

22 Jul

My friend Geoff just Facebook’ed an awesome 1985 video of the Skyway ride from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland.

Apparently, we have oneandatwo to thank for this fabulously retro moment. Thanks, oneandatwo!

In other news…..I’ve been irritated lately by the discussions around the recently-leaked Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion plans. It seems that every time this comes up, people are talking about how frustrating it is that Disney (and in particular Fantasyland) doesn’t have enough stuff “for boys”, that it’s all princesses and fairies and we need more pirates and villians. Um, I think there’s a lot in Fantasyland that’s pretty gender-neutral….Peter Pan, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White….

And I just always hate how we tend to break things out into “boys stuff” and “girls stuff.” I grew up playing with Barbies and Hot Wheels, and so did my brother. And I can’t help but remember the dirty looks I’d get from strangers when my son was younger, and liked to pretend to drive the Barbie Jeep at Toys’ R Us. I mean really, it had a phone and way more controls and accessories than the “boys” version….so why shouldn’t he like it?

Plus I can’t help but wonder….is there a Universal Parks fan community out there, and is there a similar level of uproar that there’s not enough girly stuff? Harumph.

But yes, I do agree with John Frost when he says:

Disney is essentially writing off the tween boys and focusing all their attention on the girls with the idea that moms and their daughters control the vacation purse strings.

What else am I cranky about? Well, I have no interest in guinea pigs saving the world in 3D, and yet I know I’m gonna end up seeing that movie and spending the extra bucks for the additional dimension.

But not everything in the world makes me cranky! I’m glad to learn that there is apparently an awesome Star Wars craft show going on in Fort Lauderdale through August 29, 2009: Stitch Wars. A Flickr set dedicated to the event describes it thusly:

Stitch Wars

Stitch Wars

A long stitch ago in a Gallery not so far, far away, an alliance of crafty rebel artists was formed to honor the epic fantasy world of Star Wars. Wielding mighty tools of knitting and crochet, cutting through the great expanse of felt, these daring individuals used their handmade patterns of survival to restore freedom to the galaxy. Beginning July 18th 2009, their Jedi mind tricks will bedazzle you and sway your thoughts to the Dark side of the Art World. May their farce be with you.

And hey, a question I’ll throw out to you European and/or well-traveled readers…has anybody been to Parc Festyland in the Normandy region of France? Their web site (French only, but Google can translate to English if you like) amuses me tremendously, especially the fact that they have a section called Prehistyland dedicated to, well, prehistory. I’m gonna be in the neighorhood next month and have a strange desire to drop in, but the reviews I’ve found online are so terribly bad I think I’ve been scared away.

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