Eight Years Ago Today

11 Sep

I’ve linked to this story before, but it bears repeating: Finding Nemo is a great movie about the September 11 attacks. From my spouse’s blog, Collateral Damage:

Nemo is a movie about the experience most of us had as a result of the event: learning how to live in a world filled with dangers that you can no longer deny by pretending they are irrational. It opens with a huge loss that happens in a single horrible moment — Marlin loses his wife and 499 of his children. Understandably Marlin loses all his trust in the rest of the world but still manages to raise a relatively well-adjusted son who then gets snapped up by a yet another unstoppable force.

This morning, my spouse brought down all the newspapers he’d saved from September 12, which were stored along with front pages of Red Sox and Patriots sports victories. Our kitchen table was a strange sight, and at 6:45am today I could hardly remember what day it was.

Today’s Boston Globe has an interesting piece about local schools struggling with how to teach about the September 11 attacks now that the students don’t have first-hand memories of that day. I grew up thinking of Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis as ancient history, and only in the last decade realized how deeply all the adults I’d grown up with had been affected by those events. Will September 11 be the same for my child’s generation?

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