The Fest That Dare Not Speak Its Name

7 Oct
With my BFF at MouseFest 2008

With my BFF at MouseFest 2008

I’d decided to skip MouseFest 2009. It just didn’t make sense for our family finances, my vacation time budget, or my suddenly even-more-overwhelming schedule as a part-time graduate student (and full time worker, and frequent business traveler, and mom).

And then they canceled MouseFest, so the deal appeared to be sealed.

But I’ll bet you know where this is heading: I’ve just booked my travel for Walt Disney World this December, for the Weekend Formerly Known as MouseFest, which some of my more colorful friends might call Not Fucking MouseFest. And why? Well…..just as any reasonable person might have expected, there’s a whole lot of fan meets going on that weekend. And after spending half an hour chatting on this week’s Those Darn Cats with the Scurvy Monkeys and the Disney Dudes, and of course my BFF and co-host Lisa, and after a little encouragement from my Disney-averse but fun-loving spouse, I was booking those flights, reserving my time share (yay! I’m part-owner of a time share!), and scouring the web for news of meets planned.

So far, I’m aware of two sets of meets planned by a couple of my favorite Disney podcasts:

  • WDW Today Reunion 2009, which is hosting a variety of meets at Walt Disney World December 10-14, and earlier that same week on Disney Cruise Line. With several meets a day, this is much like a mini-version of that event that we all came to know and love each December, but with all meets organized by one central group
  • All About the Mouse Meets, which will be held December 10-13, including a fundraiser for Give Kids the World
Steve was rather festive at Girls Ride Out 2008!

Steve was rather festive at Girls Ride Out 2008!

Now, I’m sure that there will be more in store. A whole lotta Disney fans (including plenty of podcasters and bloggers) had planned this December trip long before MouseFest went bust, and as momentum grows around the WDW Today Reunion (as I’m sure it will) I’ll bet a few more podcasters will schedule meets of their own. Like, oh, maybe Those Darn Cats. Girls Ride Out, anyone? And guys, remember: You don’t have to come in drag, but we won’t try to stop you.

What we’re missing, of course, is a central place to list all the fan meets going on that weekend, which is frustrating me as I’m a compulsive planner (and can’t possibly hope to keep up with every single blog and podcast I’d like to). So hey, if you’re planning a fan meet, or know of any meets taking place that weekend that aren’t already listed above, could you leave them in the comments? Consider it an opportunity to shamelessly plug your event, as well as providing a personal service to moi who would like to organize my social calendar!

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