More Disney Parks Fan Meets. December 2009

28 Oct

The Disney Podcast Network has announced a number of meets at Walt Disney World, running from December 10-13, 2009.

Add these of course to the meets scheduled by Celebrations Magazine, All About the Mouse PodcastWDW Today Podcast, and Those Darn Cats Podcast, and clearly there’s a critical mass of Disney Digerati in town that weekend! I’m sure we’ll see more events announced too; I’m trying to keep track of them all here on Broke Hoedown, mostly for my own convenience as my schedule spreadsheet develops.

For those of you looking for something a week earlier, there’s Pixelmania at Walt Disney World. and Mousemeets at Disneyland Paris.

Rumor has it that the D23 event December 12-13 sold out within minutes of tickets becoming available for sale, and that guests of D23 members were put on waitlists. I wonder how many tickets were sold?

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