Jentasmic: The Cautionary Tail of Mickey Unrapped

13 Nov

Bob Iger’s got a team of experts working on updating Mickey’s image. Let’s hope they have history in mind, lest they be destined to repeat it. From my Jentasmic! column today at StudiosCentral:

Hearing Mickey Unrapped for the first time is a bit like listening to Florence Foster Jenkins: You can’t quite believe someone not only produced this, but actually put it in print. In some ways, Mickey Unrapped is no worse than Mickey Mouse Disco, a similar concept album (to use the term quite loosely) which drew on the popular dance music of the 1970s. And perhaps it’s just my age that makes me feel Mickey Unrapped is even worse, but there’s something about Tag Team’s call-and-response Whoomp (There It Went) with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy that’s just more radically wrong than anything I’d heard in some time.

There’s also some discusison of Mickey Unrapped on this week’s Those Darn Cats. But beware the words of my friend Ken:

I love you gals, but OMG…….

those songs at the end of the podcast made me want to vomit and run screaming from the building.

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