Give a Day, Get a Disney Day: Launch Day Troubles

2 Jan

The much-anticipated Give a Day, Get a Disney Day promotion launched yesterday….and apparently, plenty of people like myself sat at their web browsers trying, and failing, to sign up for volunteer opportunities. One can only hope (and reasonably assume) that this is due to a heavier response than anticipated, but still unfortunately can lead to frustrated Guests. Here’s a snippet from the Disney Parks Blog yesterday:

We prepared for this launch based on similar programs in the past. However, the large numbers of guests attempting to register for volunteer service in the program has created periodic slowdowns in the network, resulting in difficulty in completing the registration process.

“Similar programs in the past,” hmm. I’m not quite sure what experience they would have been relying on here….can anybody shed light?

Most interesting to me though is this sentence, which follows shortly after:

Be assured that new volunteer opportunities are being added to the HandsOn Network daily, and we will not hit the 1 million ticket milestone this weekend.

Um, this weekend? I would like to think the author is being facetious, but something tells me this isn’t the case. How quickly are they actually planning to run through that million ticket milestone?

While Guests may be frustrated now, potential PR difficulties around this promotion could become greater if they run out of tickets quickly and potential volunteers decide they don’t want to put in hours without that perk, or if potential Guests who otherwise could not afford a day at Disney are locked out of the promotion despite trying to register on the very first day it opens.

Now who was it yesterday that wrote that Disney should consider expanding this program? Some chick over at Studios Central, I believe.

2 Responses to “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day: Launch Day Troubles”

  1. Dylan Kenny January 14, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    I think the fact that huge numbers of people want to do this, indicates a desire to go to Disney by people that might not otherwise be able to afford to go. Combine this with ceartain implications on the whole get em on property and you can drain any number of dollars from thier wallets thing, and I think that somehow it all points in the direction of a new bussiness model for Disney and other theme parks included: the FREE Model! Yes thats right I said free. Begin with addmisson to at least one park totally free, maybe a lesser one like DCA or EPCOT and then do whatever you had to in order to make up that revenue with in park sales…..I know this could backfire if tons of people showed up rode rides and didnt spend any extra cash but its an intresting idea nonetheless….

  2. Jennifer January 15, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    An interesting idea…I’ve really got to read that book about the Free strategy.

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