Jentasmic: American Idol Masters Division?

26 Feb

Jentasmic’s got a bone to pick with the American Idol TV show. Sure, us old folks can try out for the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But if we win for the day, can we use our golden ticket? Nope. Which is a shame, because there are times when a seasoned vocalist is really what you need.

Well, earlier this week I watched 17-year-old Katie Stevens valiently attempt the song “Feeling Good.” The judges and I were as one on this: It’s the wrong song for her, in large part because of her age. She’s a sparkly, bright-eyed young woman, and simply doesn’t bring the angst and depth to the song that it deserves. While there may be the rare teenager who can give that song its due, those who’ve had a little more time to savor life’s ups and downs, and for their voices to more fully mature physically, may have more to give here.

Here’s what I propose:

I’d propose that the American Idol TV show should run a special edition one year, perhaps in the off-season if they’re feeling skittish, and title it “American Idol: Masters Division,” with contestants 29 years and older.  There are plenty of amazing voices out there, and some only improve with age. Just ask yourself: Would Susan Boyle have delivered that stunning performance on Britain’s Got Talent 36 years earlier? Surely she’s not the only one over 28 who’s ever dreamed a dream.

I’d try out for it myself. Anybody else?

2 Responses to “Jentasmic: American Idol Masters Division?”

  1. Dan February 27, 2010 at 12:59 pm #

    Have you heard that Simon Cowell is bringing the X Factor stateside? It’s essentially Idol with no age restrictions.

  2. Jennifer February 27, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    Ooh, cool! That’ll be a great addition.

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