Racialicious on Princely Tails

6 Mar

The Racialicious blog has excellent commentary on a series of beefcake, racialized images of Disney princes. Some are kinda NSFW.

Having read and pondered the commentary, I feel a little disquieted linking to them, not entirely comfortable with spreading the meme. And at the same time, if we don’t look at it, we can’t talk about it. I’ve got a copy of Song of the South in my DVD library for just that reason, despite my queasiness about the possibility of Disney ever releasing it commercially again.

One Response to “Racialicious on Princely Tails”

  1. Ken In Atlanta March 10, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    I love the artwork, and have the one of Prince Phillip as my desktop wall paper. I personally think the article is just looking for something to complain about, and found them. I am sure the artist wasn’t looking to be racialized, but to give the “Princes” personality and a sensual nature.

    In a static 2D medium you have to rely on symbolism to portray and send a sense of charater quickly to the viewer. For example, John Smith… the compass is a part of the story and the “markings” show a sense of sexuality as well as symbolicly showing his affection for Pocahontas and her culture.

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