Jentasmic: Open Letter to a WDW First-Timer

9 Apr

A couple of my West coast family members are meeting me at Walt Disney World this summer! I’m so excited! They’re big time Disneyland fans, but Walt Disney World is sufficiently different that I feel I have an excuse to ramble about the things a first time Walt Disney World visitor needs to know. Hence, this week’s Jentasmic! column at StudiosCentral.

The main point is the attractions, right? The rides? Well, we’ve got a lot of them. Some have counterparts on the West Coast, and in most cases I must say yours is often better. I’m not even sure I should go on Pirates of the Caribbean with you, as you may laugh yourself silly over how much shorter the ride is, and the fact that we don’t have a Blue Bayou to enjoy. Good thing our Haunted Mansion was recently updated, or that would be embarassing too. Oh, and please don’t try to take the gun out of the holster at Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. You’d need a screwdriver, at a minimum.

But we do have some pretty awesome attractions you haven’t seen elsewhere. Rock n’ Roller Coaster is superb. Expedition Everest and Kilamanjaro Safaris are cool, so we’ll have to spend some time at my son’s least-favorite park (Animal Kingdom). Spaceship Earth, if you can let go and enjoy the campy goodness. And of course, we’ve got equivalent versions of many of your favorite Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure attractions.

But much of the awesomeness of Walt Disney World comes from its size, and the themeing, pavillions, restaurants, and other experiences there simply isn’t room for at the West Coast location.

Head on over to Studios Central to read the rest and leave suggestions to welcome these West coasters to our World!

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