Jentasmic!: The Lost Experience

23 Apr

I don’t want Lost to end! And now I want Disney’s Hollywood Studios to build an attraction for me.

Fans of the television show are excited about the finale coming up next  month, on May 23. Of course, shortly after that date, we will fall into a collective heap of melancholia, hardly able to get up off the couch to change channels, disappointed that neither FlashForward nor V seems to be capturing our attention to the degree that ABC had hoped.

Now, there’s more to life than television, right? So we should get ourselves out of the house and interact with the real world, you tell me? Maybe. But just in case that plan backfires, how about setting up a new attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? After all, American Idol’s got one, and it’s not even on a Disney-owned network.

Head on over to StudiosCentral to read the rest…

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