I Was Gonna Write a Review of Tron: Legacy, but . . .

21 Dec

I was gonna write a review of Tron: Legacy.  I mean geez, I haven’t been blogging at all for ages, but then the internets are going insane about how much they hate the movie, and I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around how to respond. So then I notice today that Geoff Carter has basically taken care of the whole thing with his review, “In Defense of Tron: Legacy.”

I do still have a couple small things to add, though:

  • To whomever it was that said the 3D didn’t work: I don’t know what was wrong with your theater, but that’s gotta be a technical issue. The 3D worked fine at the IMAX where I saw it, and enhanced the action sequences quite nicely. The lightcycle race would have been a lot tricker to follow without it.
  • What’s up with comparing this film to A New Hope, aka the original Star Wars? I’m not seeing it. Any thematic similarities are shared with a truckload of other stories (ie, daddy issues), and the use of black-and-white color schemes just don’t make it a Star Wars clone.

And well, yeah. The role of women in Tron: Legacy? Problematic at best, and perhaps most amusingly represented by the woman in an early board-room scene who simply introduces the president of the board, then sits down quietly. I’ll join Geoff in hoping that Quorra plays a more fully-realized role in any further sequels.

2 Responses to “I Was Gonna Write a Review of Tron: Legacy, but . . .”

  1. sambycat December 21, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    k – the whole star wars comparison comes in with the leading actors hayden christensen (whatever his name is!) style acting chops, the lame story line and splash over substance. the reviews i’ve seen online generally are spot on as far as i am concerned – the bad CGI jeff bridges character (ok, have a non-moving botox faced, creepy eyed CGI computer character but when he is talking to his son that night IT IS SO FAKE LOOKING!!!!), jeff bridges rocks, but why the zen/dude thing? does that have anything at all to do with the first movie? it’s like he knows it is all froth and is just trying to squeeze out some laughs and fun (which he does), and if he can destroy everything by flapping his hands together, then why wait till now to do it? so oh-what-a-shock-i-am-a-sexy-leather-clad-geek-chick can escape and save the world??? i don’t even understand WTF the tron people were doing or could do if they “escaped”?!? and little bio computer people? really? they are gonna change the world, man! jazz man!!!!

    OMG so lame!!!!!!!!!!

    it was enjoyable, sort of, i think i didn’t enjoy the popcorn-y-ness as much as i might have just due to the hype, but it was one cliche after another! the freaky, sexually ambiguous club owner/judas, synchophant underlings, only a computer nerds wet deam of what women should look like, and mostly the hackneyed loner, ne’er do well, multi millionaire, brilliant but troubled “hero”, who could acutally be doing something with the company or what not but can’t be bothered…. because he is pouting? i don’t know…. didn’t care about the pretty boy and just thought they spent way too much time watching the matrix. seriously, enough with the slow motion flip flopping!

    but, you know, other than that, it was ok

  2. Jennifer December 22, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    The Star Wars comparisons I’d heard were specifically to the visual stylings and plot of A New Hope . . . which I’m just not seeing here.

    And the fakeness of Clu? Well yeah, the plot pretty much would support him looking like that, so I will totally forgive it.

    I think my enjoyment was probably enhanced by the fact that I went in with absolutely zero expectations. I figured it would be awful, and was pleasantly surprised to find it a reasonable movie.

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