Disney World Steampunk Wedding

8 Jan

I do not generally think of the Disney Wedding Blog as a gathering spot for hipsters, but their recent Steampunk Wedding Spotlight blew me away.

Reminds me of my favorite Disney steampunk attraction, the Nautilus walkthrough at Disneyland Paris. My pictures don’t do it justice, so I’ll link to DLRP Magic’s guide instead. Those Darn Cats episode #131, Disney and the Future, touched on other Disney steampunk favorites as well (with my co-host Lisa, plus my spouse Collateral Damage and friend Geoff Carter).

And it’s almost time for me to participate in a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding myself! As listeners of the Those Darn Cats podcast already know, I’m serving as Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding, which will be webcast live on January 25, 2011 (see TDC show notes for details). If you’re going to be at Disney World at that time, drop me a note!

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