Jentasmic! A Disney Fairy Tale Wedding

28 Jan
The bride, the groom, and their guests

Nobody has more fun than us! Bob Jackson took this photo for his Facebook page.

WeddingFest 2011 coverage continues! I’m sure Lisa will blog about the wedding plenty when she and her new husband Trace return from their cruise on the Disney Dream, but for now I just can’t resist telling you all how wonderful the wedding was. My Jentasmic! column this week on StudiosCentral talks a bit about the wedding day itself. A brief snippet:

The morning of the wedding was a flurry of excitement and nerves. By the time I arrived at the Honeymoon Suite of the Grand Floridian Resort that morning at 6:00am, work was well underway. The dress had been professionally steamed and was hanging in the shower for an extra touch-up, the hair stylist was preparing a table, and the make-up artist was ready to start in on me. Fortunately, Lisa had been upgraded to concierge, and after the make-up artist had put on my face, I stopped over to the concierge lounge to pick up a few breakfast snacks. Not that any of us could bring ourselves to eat much, but at least we all knew that we should.


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