Jentasmic: Top 5 Disney Dining Memories

11 Feb

The view from Walt's American Restaurant, Disneyland Paris

In this week’s Jentasmic! column at Studios Central, I meditate further on that all-important question: Is theme or food more important in my Disney Dining experience? In particular, I look at my five favorite memories, and consider how much food, theme, or other factors influenced the experience overall. For example:

Walt’s American Restaurant, Disneyland Paris. The food was pretty good, especially given that we’d chosen to eat “American food” in Paris. We’d scored a table by the window, at the right time for the evening parade. Sadly, the parade was rained out, so all we could watch was the parade of tourists in hastily-purchased ponchos, heading for the front gates. But what made it special? Knowing that this was the only place on the entire planet that a Guest can sit in a restaurant on the second floor of Main Street, overlooking the crowds. No forced perspective here — it’s a full-fledged Main Street second floor.

Head on over to Studios Central to read the rest. . .

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