Lemonade Mouth Premiere Moves to April 15

21 Mar

Clearly I have not been keeping up with my tween entertainment news, because it is only now that I discover Disney Channel has moved the premiere of Lemonade Mouth to Friday, April 15, according to Nick and More.

And why do I care about Lemonade Mouth, after having been disappointed by such films as Jump In! and Camp Rock? Well, here’s how Lemonade Mouth was described on BuzzNet:

Disney Channel has signed up a new movie musical based on the novel Lemonade Mouth, which tells the tale of five Rhode Island freshmen who meet in detention and form a garage band with a ukulele.

Plus, the Racialicious post on Lemonade Mouth some time back has intrigued me with the promise of a genuinely talented leading lady. And hey, one of my favorite musical duos is Petty Booka, a ukelele-playing duo on the Benten record label. So what the heck?

Since I’m notoriously spoiler-free, I’m avoiding the early releases of songs, plot details, etc. I’d rather be taken by surprise, as I was by High School Musical. But if you want the scoop, check out the Official Lemonade Mouth Headquarters, by the author of the book on which the movie is based.

One Response to “Lemonade Mouth Premiere Moves to April 15”

  1. sambycat March 23, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    “notoriously spoiler free” seems like it needs a badge and then we can distribute it like the good housekeeping seal of approval!

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