Disney France Streaming Winnie the Pooh Soundtrack

6 Apr

Winnie the Pooh and yours truly

My good friend Trace of the Disney Dudes sent me a link this morning to the Disney France web site, where they’re currently streaming the full soundtrack to the new Winnie the Pooh album. (When you follow that link, you might need to tell it that yes you really want Disney.fr, then you might need to click on the graphic with Winnie the Pooh, and the text “EXCLUSIVITÉ Ecoutez les chansons du film jusqu’au 11 avril.”

And for those of you who speak even less French than myself. . . that text just told you that they’re streaming the full album live only until April 11.

I have to admit, the film will need to get amazing reviews in order to get me into the theatres. This cranky old lady can’t quite accept a Winnie the Pooh movie without Sterling Holloway. And yes, I’ve tried.

Nothing’s terribly wrong with the soundtrack, but nothing’s terribly right either. If my kid was young enough to be clamoring for it in the car, I could probably tolerate it now and then. But for me? I’ll just keep hoping that Lemonade Mouth brings my next guilty pleasure Disney soundtrack album. (And yes, Lisa, I’m still Notoriously Spoiler Free®.

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