Did Patti Smith Sell Out to Disney? She Lights Up My Life

16 May

Alexandra Le Tellier of The LA Times sums up some recent controversy over Patti Smith’s appearance in a Disney Dream portrait:

Sure, she’s friends with Depp and must have respected his subversive interpretation of Sparrow; it’s true that she’s worked with Leibovitz since the ’70s; and it’s no surprise to learn that as a child she liked to dress up as a pirate. Still, it does seem odd that those factors were persuasive enough to get the punk rock icon to hang up her anti-establishment cloak to shill for Disney. The reaction, online at least, has been a blitz of posts and tweets expressing confusion.

Much like Le Tellier, I’m not surprised by Smith’s decision. Anybody watching Kids Are People Too in the 1970’s knows that Smith said she’ll pretty much work for anybody. Are we really so surprised that the woman who sang this wonderful rendition of You Light Up My Life might also enjoy a little quality time with Mickey?

I never liked that song until I heard her sing it.

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