Jentasmic: The Joys of Solo Travel

20 May
Mickey and Me

Hanging with Mickey on a solo trip to Disneyland, January 2011.

My kid’s growing up, which means more solo Disney travel is on the horizon for me. So, this week’s Jentasmic! includes some of my favorite things about solo travel.

Touring my way. I can be very particular about my touring needs. It just doesn’t feel right to miss rope drop. I want to ride Mr Toad’s Wild Ride five times in rapid succession to earn my Nowhere in Particular badge on Disneyland Lines. I might choose my lunch location strictly on the availability of power outlets for recharging my phone. And while I’ll happily compromise on most of those to be with friends and family, if I’m gonna go alone, I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of my autonomy.

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