Mr. Broke Hoedown on Pixar’s Sequelitis

20 May

Mr. Broke Hoedown’s got a new gig, on the Fun & Games beat of BNet. Not surprisingly, he’s covering a lot of Disney news, including today’s post on Pixar’s upcoming case of sequelitis.

Another indicator of problems for Pixar is which movies are being sequel-ized. While Monsters Inc. was critically acclaimed, Cars andBug’s Life are easily the studio’s two least distinguished movies.Bug’s Life was only one of two animated movies about heroic ants released in 1998. And the original Cars is the studio’s only critical flop. It was made to fulfill Pixar’s distribution contract with Disney(DIS) at a time when it looked as though the two companies were going to part ways — and it shows.

@The_Pixar_Blog wasn’t so fond of this article of course, as expressed this afternoon on twitter:

Is this supposed to be satirical? Either that, or its the most uniformed article about Pixar. Ever.

Mr. Broke Hoedown’s a pretty rabid Pixar fan, so I too was surprised to hear last night that he’d decided against seeing Cars 2. Then again, I’d just been watching the same commercial, and had come close to the same conclusion.

Some other recent articles on my spouse’s new BNet beat (Disney and otherwise):

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