Avatar at Disney Parks? Why Not . . . Something Else?

23 Sep

Ever since hearing about the new collaboration of James Cameron and Fox Entertainment to bring AVATAR to Disney Parks, I’ve been moving through the stages of grief. From this week’s Jentasmic! column at Studios Central:

Denial: What? This is crazy, and it’s got to be a rumor. This is simply too far outside the Disney brand. Plus, we’re talking a hit movie here people, with two new sequels expected in the coming years . . . why isn’t this coming to the Studios?

Anger: Noooo! This is too much in one week! I’m still reeling from the latest George Lucas Star Wars re-vamp, and now you expect me to accept AVATAR as a reasonabley addition to Animal Kingdom?

Bargaining: Okay, I can deal with this, I don’t even spend much time at Animal Kingdom anyway. But Disney, if you’re gonna do this, could you also pleeeeeeze fix the Disco Yeti? Enough with the strobe lights, let’s get some audio-animatronic action going.

It looks like I’ll be working through the Bargaining stage for a while, because I’ve got another property in mind that would have been a much smoother fit for a themed land in Animal Kingdom. It’s conservation-oriented, Academy Award-winning, Disney-owned, and would have been an excellent opportunity for expansion of the Living Character Initiative. Plus, if Disney would just take a teeny tiny flight into the ironic, we could be sipping cupcake-in-a-cup.

WALL-E poster


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