Dumbo or Die: A Parable of Middle Age

30 Dec

As the new year approaches, my thoughts turn to resolutions. Strangely enough, mine seem to revolve around Dumbo. From this week’s Jentasmic! column at StudiosCentral:

A few weeks before my most recent trip to Walt Disney World, for WDW Today Reunion 2011, I surprised myself by telling my best friend Lisa that I almost never rode Dumbo because I felt guilty about taking up a spot in line when there would be so many small kids and stressed parents waiting their turn behind me. I felt badly about making some family wait a little while longer than they would if I’d just headed to another attraction. Sometimes I feel that way about the character meet-and-greets too, especially when I travel alone, and feel silly as a middle-aged lady waiting for her turn with Mickey amongst all the small children. Somehow even when I’m with other middle-aged folks, it doesn’t seem as silly as when I’m on my own.

And of course, this isn’t really about Dumbo. I promise. Go read.

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