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Marketing Fail: Princess Tiana for Watermelon Candy

7 Mar

From clutch:

This week’s failure at good common sense in product marketing comes courtesy of a batch of Disney princess-themed Valentine’s day candy that pairs Sleeping Beauty‘s Aurora with vanilla flavored sugary dipping dust and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog with the watermelon flavor.

Wondering why this is a problem? Colorlines and Sociological Images (warning: disturbingly racist imagery) have the scoop for you, far better than any explanation I could try to provide.

Disney Grumpy Over “Ho White”

16 Oct

Funny thing….Disney apparently didn’t like this rendition of Snow White, and has contacted the ad agency in question, according to The Register. Funnier still is that Grumpy still looks, well, grumpy.

I suppose one could try to argue that Snow White and the Dwarves aren’t really owned by Disney, as they come from the Kinder- und Hausmärchen. I doubt one would get too far with that, though, especially since these are obviously styled to look like the Disney rendition.

Hat tip to my friend Hayden, without whose Facebook feed this one would’ve gotten by me.

And hey, on the topic of strange Snow White-related entertainment…..I found myself searching out this YouTube clip today, courtesy of snowlowe2:

Gotta love that hat in the finale!

Camp Rock Photoshop Disaster

20 Sep

From Photoshop Disasters, which comments:

I have no idea what they deleted from her chin or why there seems to be smoke coming from her boyfriend’s crotch. Kids today, eh?

There is a striking and ironic contrast between the slogan, and the less-than-artful airbrushing. Might she have stood out more effectively with her original chin?

Disney Ads on NSFW Sites

27 Mar

I think the headline here makes it clear . . . but the links below are probably not appropriate to follow from your office computer, or if your kid is reading over your shoulder. I even starred-out a blog name in the text below, to try to stay PG-13.

Apparently some of Disney’s ad buys are showing up in places you wouldn’t expect them . . . like smut sites. At least, that’s what Defamer tells me:

Occasionally, when the planets align just so and the sun strikes the Earth at the exact right location, we witness that rarest of phenomena known as Disney Ads on Smut Sites. Or at least that’s what gutter-minded rabblerouser [*******] calls it, having caught as many as six different instances of Walt Disney World Web ads aligned beside Egotastic’s recent coverage of sex tapes, flashings and other NSFW (and definitely NSFDW) mini-scandals.

I had to think twice about whether I wanted to blog about this, because I already get plenty of traffic from people looking for materials I don’t carry here, and I’m sure this will lead to more disappointed people, hunting for something salacious and finding me whining about bus service at Saratoga Springs. Man, what a buzz kill.

But it struck me as kinda funny, plus I have to admit I was amused to discover the acronym “NSFDW.” I initially took it to mean “Not Safe for Disney World,” but now I wonder if it means something else. My friend Google introduced me to Malaysia’s National Standards for Drinking Water, but I’ll bet that wasn’t it. In any case, I think we need a new interweb meme: NSFWDW.

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