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What’s Your Personal Dream Path for Walt Disney World?

24 Oct

There’s a new feature on the Walt Disney World web site: Custom Disney park maps, which yo can load up with the attractions of your choice, and/or include “Dream Paths.” The maps are then mailed out to you, free of charge.

Or, well. . . I’ve been told they get mailed to you, free of charge. Apparently they’re still working some bugs out of the system, because the web site keeps complaining about my zip code (which I promise you is in fact absolutely valid).

And what, may you ask, are Dream Paths? Part of the Year of a Million Dreams campaign, Dream Paths are suggested agendas (or touring plans) for making your way around the Disney parks, with specific interests in mind. The three I’ve seen so far are Fairy Tale Fantasy, The Call of Adventure, and Little Dreamers/Big Dreams. I’d love to see them offer Dream Paths for the geekier among us. How about . . .

  • Campy Retro Favorites, featuring Carousel of Progress, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Spaceship Earth, and Living with the Land
  • Cast Members Do Stand-Up, featuring Jungle Cruise, Great Movie Ride, and Kilamajaro Safaris
  • Round and Round, featuring Dumbo, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and Triceratops Spin
  • Motion Sickness Madness, featuring Mad Tea Party, Star Tours, Body Wars, Mission: Space, and Primeval Whirl
  • What Were They Thinking?!?, featuring Stitch’s Great Escape, Stitch’s Great Escape, and Stitch’s Great Escape
  • Classic Audio-Animatronics, featuring Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress, Pirates of the Carribean, and The Enchanted Tiki Room (yes, even with the new management)

Hall of Presidents
The Hall of Presidents: Clearly No Laughing Matter

Surely you, gentle reader, will have other suggestions, perhaps a bit more subversive even? Let’s offer up a few Dream Paths of our own. The WDW Today podcast show #168 might be good fodder for thought . . . it’s a discussion of the panelists’ least favorite attractions at Walt Disney World.

“Finding Nemo” Musical Debut

21 Oct

Yesterday’s Playbill has a nice article about a press event in New York City, previewing the new Finding Nemo musical, opening in November at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

I’m a huge fan of the Aladdin show at California Adventure, also produced by Disney Creative Entertainment, so I’m definitely looking forward to the Finding Nemo show. On the other hand, we can also hold them responsible for Cinderellabration and Snow White: An Enchanting Musical, so perhaps I shouldn’t get too excited just yet?

There’s been a lot of media attention for the show already; Google News finds plenty of articles.

Disney Announces Year of 50,000 Photo Vouchers

15 Sep

Well, it’s really called the Year of A Million Dreams, but we’ve all heard it called by many names as we’ve awaited the complete list of prizes. Would this be the Year of a Million Churros, as they handed out free snack food? How about the Year of a Million Headaches, as Disney corporate folks sorted out the details of this promotion that seems to have been thrust upon them?

The Disney web site now hosts the complete list of contest rules and prizes, which includes 50,000 photo vouchers which will be won by guests who have, apparently, dreamed of free photographic services.

Of course you know I’m just being bitter because I’m already envious of the people who’ll win the truly coveted prizes. My dream? My dream would be to win one of the Grand Marshall World Tours, which is described in the Mousesavers’ version of the summary of prizes as:

3 Grand Marshal World Tours (15-day/14-night trip for 4 people, visiting Disneyland® Park, Disney’s California Adventure® Park, Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, Disneyland® Resort Paris, Walt Disney Studios® Paris, Tokyo Disneyland® Resort, Tokyo Disney Sea® Park, and Hong Kong Disneyland® Resort).

And yes, there are a number of other really cool prizes, like Disney Vacation Club points, trips to Italy and Paris, and special VIP events. I do have to give credit to the folks who developed this list through what must have been a nightmarish decision-making process (just think about your own job, especially if you’re in the public eye . . . how easy is it to come to consensus on anything important?).
But still, those 50,000 photo vouchers and 250,000 pairs of Mickey Mouse ears just don’t quite feel like the stuff that dreams are made of.

Addendum: An interesting comment on the DISboards has spurred conversations about the fact that not all Disney Parks visitors are eliigible for prizes.

I guess when you wish upon a star, it DOES make a difference who you are.

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