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Pony Music Videos: Mulan/MLPFIM Mash-up

2 Apr

It may come as a surprise to the uninitiated that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a runaway hit with internet memesters. Rumor has it that the memetic primordial ooze that is 4chan has even put “pony limiting” rules into play, to prevent this show from flooding out all other content on some of their boards.

And finally somepony’s put together a good Disney/MLPFIM mashup video, not surprisingly to the tune of I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan.

Thank you,  on YouTube! And I must say, having grown up in the 1970s, there’s just something so right about Donny Osmond and the ponies together.

Does the visual style here look somewhat familiar? Well, if you watched the Powerpuff Girls, it might be. Lauren Faust is the creator of MLPFIM (find her on DeviantArt), and also worked on Powerpuff Girls with her spouse, Craig McCracken (who happens to be on DeviantArt too).

And while we’re enjoying Pony Music Videos here, I’ll throw in two of my other favorites:

Courtesy of on YouTube.

Plus you gotta go watch Rainbow Dash “Don’t Stop Me Now, courtesy of  on YouTube, which I can’t embed here. When I’m having a bad day, nothing cheers me up like a little Rainbow Dash/Freddie Mercury moment.

Intrigued? I’d recommend a recent episode of the Geek Nights podcast. Or, check out the MLPFIM wiki, which has far more information than you’re likely to ever need on this show. (Geek Nights, by the way, inspired both the format for the How to Not Suck at Disneyland Paris episode of Those Darn Cats, and the recent formation of the Those Darn Cats bookclub, currently reading Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.)

AB08 AMV Winner: Falling Dreams (Based on Kingdom Hearts)

23 Mar

There is a word for people like me right now: Toast. I spent the last couple days at AnimeBoston 2008, where I did in fact have a fabulous time (hi Dan!, hi Chris!). More about that later, when I’ve caught up on a little sleep, and have a chance to download some of my pictures.

But for the moment, I thought all y’all Disney geeks might be interested to know that the Anime Music Video contest Best-in-Show winner was “Falling Dreams,” based on Kingdom Hearts. Mucho kudos to its creator, Mysterious Rider! And hey Dis geeks, if you watch really closely you’ll catch a glimpse of a couple of the Fab Five.

Ask a Ninja Pirates Of the Caribbean 3 Review

19 Jun

Ask a Ninja doesn’t seem to have enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Go fig.

Chinese Censors Slash Chow Yun-Fat’s POTC Role

15 Jun

As if Chow Yun-Fat wasn’t already suffering from a lack of sufficient screen time in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End . . . Chinese censors have cut him back even further:

Chinese movie star Chow Yun-Fat’s role in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” has been slashed in half by censors in China for vilifying and defacing the Chinese and insulting Singapore.

The film, which was released on the mainland early this week, shows only about 10 minutes of Chow’s scenes while in the Hollywood version his scenes take up about 20 minutes of the film.

Hey Totoro Fans, Wanna Get Creeped Out?

23 Apr

The Best in Show winner from the Anime Boston 2007 Anime Music Video contest takes footage from the adorable, charming, friendly movie My Neighbor Totoro and twists it into a truly frightening bit! Something Wicked This Way Comes is available to view online at You can also download a copy if you register at (search for “something wicked this way comes totoro and it should be the first link”).

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