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Major Changes in Store for Disney’s California Adventure?

17 Jul

Al Lutz of reports today on the rumored plans for $1 billion in major changes are in store for Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) (hat tip to Mousevine Feed):

What has been agreed upon is the concept that as DCA is fixed and expanded over the next five years that WDI will go in to fix an area only once. Instead of dividing projects up over years and distributing them throughout the park, the thought is that it would be best to just go in to each area of DCA with guns blazing and fix it completely once and for all. And if that means closing off entire sections of the park for extended periods of time, then the hostesses taking complaints at the Guest Relations desk need to be ready for that. But it’s those types of logistical hurdles that could push the debut of Wonderful World of Color back to 2010, or stall next years new Pixar parade for a year or more. By the end of this summer the basic timeline for DCA construction should be determined, and some of the new entertainment already in the pipeline may be delayed because of it. We’ll keep you updated, or course.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that DCA’s grown on me over the years, perhaps because it’s got such a mellow vibe compared to its more glamorous sister across the plaza. Or perhaps because the lines are always short at the DCA Tower of Terror, or because it’s now the home of the Electrical Parade (Baroque Hoedown, anyone?). But I won’t shed a tear if and when they significantly re-work the place. As long as they keep the parade, they have my blessings to bring on the backhoe.

The Daily Show: Disney vs. Anaheim Housing Dispute

22 Jun

Not recommended for Disney purists or the easily offended, it’ll just get yer hackles up. (Though I’m guessing none of those folks read this blog anyway, now do they?)

And hey, don’t watch this one with the kids either, unless you feel like explaining what fellatio is.

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