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Attention All Monster Passengers! Instructions from Monsters Inc Ride

3 Sep

Much like the devil, sometimes the coolest things in Disney parks are to be found in the details.

The Monsters Inc ride at Disneyland California Adventure (based on the Pixar movie) doesn’t seem to have any lines . . . an endemic situation at DCA in general, actually. So, it’s tempting to just breeze through the queue without noticing any of the details, but there are some pretty awesome things in there.

My personal favorite: As you’re passing by what looks like a taxi dispatch window, you’ll notice this sign in the window (click on the image or here for a high-res version, easier to read):

The good folks at Monstropolis Transit Authority are definitely looking out for you needs. Right before boarding, you have a chance to pick up snacks for the trip:

Drooler cola


There’s also a billboard for a unique eyewear shop . . . perhaps especially amusing to those of us who work with 3D technology:


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