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Peter Mahew to Appear Again at Star Wars Weekends?

19 Feb

Do I wish I were going to Star Wars Weekends 2009, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Absolutely! Especially given that Peter Mahew seems to be appearing again, according to his website and

And here’s another Star Wars LOL, just because.

Chewbacca on my Mind

2 Dec

Maybe I’m just longing for another spin through the Hyperspace Hustle…but it seems like Chewie’s showing up everywhere lately.

There are these adorable little Star Wars USB storage drives from, which a friend of mine at work pointed me to. Chewie’s available in either 1 or 4 GB sizes, and there are other characters with 1 or 2 GB. Luke Skywalker, not surprisingly, is sold out in the 1GB size but still available (at this writing at least) in the 2 GB size. (Note to BFF: Leia is in fact available, in 2GB size only.)

There is this interesting and inspired Chewbacca impersonation from, which is still not quite up to cheezburger standards, but still makes me smile every day. Because I do indeed read it every day, even when I have 588 unread items in my blogreader (like, oh, today).

There is an awesome Chewie Guevara t-shirt on flickr, by von brandis, which I oh-so-desperately need to add to my wardrobe!

And, because I am not sick of Domokun yet no matter how over-promoted he currently is, no matter how many times I see his picture at Target…I do so love this picture, courtesy of chanchan2. Perhaps Chewbacca is trying to negotiate a new Star Wars Christmas Special to broadcast on NHK? Lumpy would so love a trip to Japan!

Star Wars Holiday Special in Five Minutes

29 Apr

Sure, we’d all love to have a mint condition VHS of the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, but most of what we really need to see from that golden moment of bad television is captured here on YouTube by LNEXPLOSION.

My BFF will be particularly glad to know that Chewbacca’s son, Lumpy, is featured prominently.

You may never look at Bea Arthur the same way again.

Now, if you don’t mind, I need to get back to watching the rest of the embarassingly fun Star Wars Deal or No Deal I recorded last night . . .

Star Wars Motivational Poster

28 Nov

 From GreebleMonkey, sent to me this morning by my bff Lisa.

More MP3s at Disneyland Paris Music Site

10 Jul

Does my Palm Pilot remind me to check the Disneyland Paris Music Site for new files every two weeks? Yes. Am I a geek? Yes indeed. And it pays off . . . today I found new files in two places:

  • Their “Music” page, which updates every two weeks, now has “Good Morning Walt Disney Studios Show Music” and “Steamboat Willie” album music.
  • Their “Bonus” page, which updates periodically but seemingly without any pattern, now has “Oasis Theme Area Music” (which I couldn’t seem to download properly) and the full ride music for “Soarin’ Over California”

Dancing with the Star Wars Stars!

17 Jun

So wrong, it’s gotta be right! They almost lost me in the silliness of Luke and Leia dancing to We Are Family, but Amadala performing I Will Survive with Darth Vader brought things back to the sublimely ridiculous.

Chewie Dancing!

9 Jun

You should be dancin’, yeah! Goodness knows I wish I were at Star Wars Weekends!!

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