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Nemo and Ponyo Cosplay at Otakon 2012

3 Aug


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Photos from Otakon 2012, last weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center.


Disney’s Anime Connection: Hayao Miyazaki

8 Apr
Kiki's Delivery Service cosplay at Anime Boston 2009

Kiki's Delivery Service cosplayer at Anime Boston 2009

Why yes, the advent of anime con season has got me a little more anime-obsessed than usual! So it’s not surprising that this week’s Jentasmic! at StudiosCentral encourages Disney fans to explore the works of Hayao Miyazaki. Disney has released several Miyazaki films, including production of the English dub tracks, providing a real service to those of us who frequently introduce others (especially families) to anime.

Tokyo Disneyland Pan Galactic Pizza Port Cosplay For the Win!

6 Feb

I do not know who these people are. All I know is they just made my day a little better.

Not familiar with Tokyo Disneyland’s Pan Galactic Pizza Port? Start here:

Sleeping Beauty Cosplay at Dragon*Con

15 Oct

Merryweather, Princess Aurora and Fauna visit the Aquarium during Dragon*Con 2009. (Hey Ken, did you see them? Got pics?)

Photo by pausitivespace on Flickr, hat tip to BoingBoing.

Jentasmic: Who Are You Calling Geek?

8 Aug
My family and I cosplaying Jet, Spike, and Vicious from Cowboy Bebop (left to right). Just try to ignore the super-boring convention center background!

A Broke Hoedown family portrait: Jet, Spike, and Vicious from Cowboy Bebop (left to right). Just try to ignore the super-boring convention center background!

When anime cons have been at your local convention center or mall, have you scoffed at those wackos dressed up as their favorite anime or video game characters? It’s all a bit beyond the pale, eh? Well, somehow this week’s Jentasmic column on the relationship between Disney geeks and Anime geeks bring to mind a certain Kris Kristofferson song:

‘Cos everybody’s got to have somebody to look down on.
Who they can feel better than at anytime they please.
Someone doin’ somethin’ dirty, decent folks can frown on.
If you can’t find nobody else, then help yourself to me.

This week’s Jentasmic! column, written while I was packing for last weekend’s ConnectiCon multi-genre geeky convention, talks in more detail on the topic.

I guess I don’t need to tell you what Disney geeks tend to think about Anime geeks, but I won’t let that stop me. Disney geeks tell me that Anime geeks are just, well, weird. They dress up like their favorite characters, after all, and parade around in the convention center as if there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. They’ll even go out in public that way! And, well, the funny thing is, when Disney geeks are telling me how weird Anime geeks are, we never seem to get past the wardrobe issue.

Anime geeks, on the other hand, tend to think of Disney geeks as boring, mainstream, without any sense of adventure or imagination. Anime geeks see Disney films as lacking in significant plot or character development, and by association see Disney geeks as somewhat unimaginative dullards, to be satisfied by such simplistic entertainment.

I had a fabulous time at ConnectiCon, as you might have already guessed from the cosplay photos posted earlier this week. And it wasn’t all taking pictures, watching anime, and attending panels….I also co-led a panel with my spouse and son, “The Family that Geeks Together, Keeps Together” (ppt slides here). Those Darn Cats podcast listeners should expect to hear some discussion of and live audio from ConnectiCon (including snippets from our panel) in late August/September episodes, so subscribe now and beat the rush! Also actually, this week’s episode is awesomeness of an entirely different variety, as my BFF scored an interview with Devon Dawson, who voiced Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl with Riders in the Sky on the album Woody’s Roundup.

But I digress.

Next time you see those wacko cosplayers at the local convention center, maybe take a moment to ponder the look you get from your co-workers when you tell them you’re going to Walt Disney World again. Do you really want to throw stones from that glass house?

Disney and Star Wars Cosplay at ConnectiCon 2009

4 Aug

Most of the cosplay at ConnectiCon is either anime or gaming characters, but since it’s a multi-genre conference, all sorts of characters show up! Here are a few Disney costumes I spotted last weekend at the Hartford Convention Center (and captured with my sub-optimal camera phone, unfortunately).

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, with the Cheshire Cat

Tinker Bell and Peter Pan

Tink and Peter, woot!

The 501st Legion Connecticut Garrison

The 501st Legion Connecticut Garrison! I was lucky enough to interview a representative; watch for this on the Those Darn Cats podcast in coming weeks.

Carl Fredricksen from Up

Carl Fredricksen, from Pixar's Up. After I took his picture, he gave me a balloon. ❤

Kirk vs. Vader

The ultimate nerd showdown!!!


Prince Ali, fabulous he


Kiki, from Kiki's Delivery Service (an ever-popular costume for sure)


Maleficent, evil incarnate, seems strangely out of place against the backdrop of Convention Center striped carpet

Cosplay at Anime Boston 2009

27 May
Scout Trooper with kitty ears

Hmm, didn't I meet his brother at ConnectiCon last year?

Methinks this is the caterpillar from the book, not the movie. Supercool.

Methinks this is the caterpillar from the book, not the movie. Supercool.

No, I was not expecting to see Darkwing at an anime festival....but I was glad I did.

You never know who you'll run into at these conventions. Like, maybe even Darkwing Duck.

I still haven't played Kingdom Hearts, but I recognize this character for sure.

I still haven't played Kingdom Hearts, but I recognize this character for sure.

How do I love Totoro? Let me count the ways.

How do I love Totoro? Let me count the ways.

Kiki, from another great Miyazaki film: Kiki's Delivery Service.

Kiki, from another great Miyazaki film: Kiki's Delivery Service.

My Favorite Stormtrooper

4 Aug
Look, matching ears!

Look, matching ears!

I met this awesome kitty-eared Stormtrooper at ConnectiCon, where members of both Alderaan Base and the 501st New England Garrison were out in force, with plenty of Star Wars costuming goodness from both sides of the Force.

The dashing fellow even had a long, orange tail to match.

I also briefly spotted this fabulous Catbus costume, which should look familiar to any Miyazaki fans (my apologies that the picture’s not better, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it anyway):

There appeared to be just one person in the Catbus costume, which must have made for rather back-breaking locomotion!

Fabulous Ursula Costume at PortConMaine

7 Jul

My photography skills can’t even begin to do her justice! I spotted this beautiful cosplay Ursula Saturday afternoon at PortConMaine, an anime and gaming convention in Portland.

Also spotted at PortCon was this little familiar-looking guy, tucked in amongst the Pokemon characters in the vendors room, with Jack Skellington to his right:

I do so love anime conventions! Always a good place to wave the freak flag, and where else will you find movies like Gegege no Kitaro, a live action film in which the main character’s father is an eyeball? I spent just a day at PortCon, which whetted my appetite for ConnectiCon next month in Hartford. Which, uh, reminded me that I really need to get in gear on that Chimchar costume for my son The Wachamacallit…so I pulled out the project again tonight and made a little progress. Pal Mickey’s not the only one I’m making clothes for around here! (And oh yeah, sometimes for myself as well).

Disney Cosplay Pictures from Anime Boston 2008

26 Mar

Is this not the most amazing Davy Jones costume you’ve ever seen? Well, outside of Industrial Light and Magic, that is? This guy was in the shopping mall right outside Anime Boston, flocked of course by the paparazzi.

There aren’t too many people cosplaying Disney characters at anime conventions . . . after all, they are anime conventions, dedicated to Japanese animation. But there are usually a few. For some reason, there are usually too many Jack Sparrows, and I quickly lose count. There’s always a bunch of Kingdom Hearts cosplayers, probably far more than I would recognize as I haven’t played the game myself. I was particularly impressed by this woman’s costume , though, especially since it was a player-created character. I also saw a few women dressed as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty . . . but only caught a snapshot of the cosplayer pictured here.

There’s always a few Miyazaki characters too, and some of these folks are familiar to Disney fans, since Disney distributes Miyazaki’s films in the United States. There were a few people dressed up as Totoro this year, but my favorite Miyazaki cosplay at AB08 was this young woman, cosplaying the main character from Kiki’s Delivery Service. (And I must say, she looked way cuter as Kiki than I did when I cosplayed that character in 2004!)

It’s definitely been brought to my attention that Disney fans think it’s pretty weird that some of us anime fans dress up as our favorite characters. Um, people, about those glass houses? I do believe that plenty of Disney costumes come in grown-up sizes . . . and I do believe they get bought. We anime fans just don’t feel the need to confine our dress-up time to Halloween.

And hey, while I’m posting pictures . . . I now have rock-solid, photographic evidence that there’s at least one person in the world who listens to MouseGuest Weekly, and who is neither related to me nor on the show themself! Here’s the picture of our MouseGuest Micro-Meet. Thanks for coming to meet up with us, Chris!

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