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Guerrilla Art: Mr. and Mr. Disney Wedding Pins

7 Feb Mr and Mr Wedding Pins at Disney Earport MCO
Mr and Mr Wedding Pins at Disney Earport MCO

Spotted at the MCO Disney Earport

Spotting this “Mister and Mister” wedding pin set at the MCO Disney Earport store a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t help but wonder. Did someone put the two grooms pins together on one card just to make a point about same-sex marriage? Or was this the aftereffect of a lesbian couple rearranging the pin cards so that they could have the two brides pins? Or perhaps it’s a bit of impromptu performance art?

In any case, it made me smile.

Beware the Ribbon Dancers!

31 Mar

Okay, I’ll admit it: It’s my fault that Cast Members’ pin trading lanyards at Walt Disney World and Disneyland always have that damn “ribbon dancer” millennium pin that nobody wants.

In my defense, I can only plead ignorance. I simply didn’t know better, back in 2005. And, well, maybe it’s not my fault alone. There were at least a couple hundred others, probably, who bought large lots of said pin on ebay, assuming that we could easily trade them for better pins once we got to the parks, since the pin is in fact a Disney pin, with a Disney logo. Not surprisingly, Disney wasn’t crazy about the way these surplus pins were flooding the parks, and the Cast Members’ lanyards. So, we saw the enforcement (perhaps the creation?) of the rule that “Guests should offer a pin that is not already displayed on the Cast Member’s lanyard,” as stated on the official Disney Pin Trading web site.

There’s at least one Kodak pin you have to be wary of too . . . but among pin traders, they’re not quite so widely-loathed as the ribbon dancers. And of course there are also the dreaded Sedesma pins, which are manufactured in Spain and generally of a much lower quality, and smaller size. I’ve got nothing against them myself . . .some of them are cute, and my son has a few he cherishes. But given the size and quality issues, I Just Say No myself.

It only makes sense that as pin trading became more and more popular, and as pins became more and more expensive, that people would resort to such tactics. The ribbon dancer pins were running about $1.25/each on ebay in large enough lots, which was a far cheaper deal than buying even the relatively-inexpensive “starter sets” onsite. (And these days, even some of those starter sets clog up the Cast Member lanyards, so I hesitate to buy those unless I actually want at least one of the pins.)

These days my strategy as a budget-conscious pin trader is to either stock up during the semi-annual pin sale at Disney Shopping online, or to hit the Character Premiere store at one of the outlet malls near Walt Disney World. And yes, I’ve still bought pins on ebay . . . . but am now much more careful about exactly what I’m purchasing.

So, as a public service announcement, and as an apology to Disney pin traders everywhere, I share with you my story. Beware of large lots of identical pins! And if anybody actually wants the pin pictured above, drop me a note, I may well be able to drop you one in the mail. I’ve still got a handful in a ziplock bag, wasting away. Just promise me that you’ll just add it to your own pin collection, and that you absolutely will not try to trade it with anyone!

Semi-Annual Pin Sale at Disney Shopping

11 Feb

I don’t usually list info here about sales at the Disney online store, especially given that it seems they spam me every single day with heart-stopping sales fliers. Pajama Pals 50% off? Suddenly I feel like I need Pajama Pals, even though nobody in my house could fit into them. Maybe some for my nieces? Maybe Pal Mickey? Do they even make them in preemie sizes?

But today is the Semi-Annual Pin Sale, and I feel the need to ramble about it. This thing drives me crazy. Is it feeding my pin trading obsession, or simply making it a tad more affordable? I just ordered a whole bunch of pin sets, for a cost of approximately $2.75/pin, including shipping. That is, assuming that the site is correct that all those sets were in stock . . . it’s been known to happen that the web site gets out of synch with actual stock levels.

Buying pin sets online and bringing them to the parks for trading is a mixed bag. On the one hand, sometimes I feel bad when the traders I’ve brought are smaller in size, as sometimes these pins are (it’s not always apparent with the sets exactly what size each pin is). On the other hand, sometimes there are really cool and attractive pins in these sets, and they’re usually not as ubiquitous on the Cast Members’ lanyards as the starter sets sold in the parks.

I do believe I would have resisted the pin sale if I didn’t have my next Disney Parks trip on the book . . . but I’m counting down to Star Wars Weekends, and the next semi-annual sale isn’t for another six months (look people, she can do math!), well past my June trip. And I’ve grown disenchanted with buying lots of pins from eBay, and the outlet store in Orlando is very catch-as-catch-can . . . do I sound like a junkie, or what?

Anyway, I won’t bother linking to the site since I figure they’re spamming you too, and besides, I don’t think the interweb has any lack of links to Disney Shopping. But if you too succumb to the siren song of the Semi-Annual Pin Sale, just know you’re not alone.

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