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Wall-E Postcards from Comic-Con

30 Jul

Lounge in Luxury!

Kung-Fu Rodeo has posted scans of great Wall-E promotional postcards, which were distributed by Pixar at San Diego Comic-Con. Another visit to the future that we dreamed about yesterday! (Hat tip to Upcoming Pixar. . . if it’s not in your blogreader, it should be.)

Disney-MGM Studios Rumor Round-up at MouseExtra

3 Jul

Can’t keep track of all the rumors flying around about potential changes at Disney-MGM Studios? Not to worry, Mouse Extra has you covered, with an article drawing heavily on Lou Mongello’s Walt Disney World Rumor Mill.

I for one am rooting for year-round Jedi Academy!

Coming Summer 2008 from Pixar: Wall-E

17 Jun

A higher-definition version is available from

Chewie Dancing!

9 Jun

You should be dancin’, yeah! Goodness knows I wish I were at Star Wars Weekends!!

Star Wars Weekends Merch and Ads

21 May

Color me envious!! The Disney Blog today pointed me to the Star Wars site‘s information about merchandise and ads for Star Wars Weekends 2007.

While much of the merchandise (like the super-cool Donald above) will surely find its way to eBay, there are some posters which will only be seen at the Orlando International Airport.

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