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Graph Jam: Watching Pixar Films

2 Feb

I would have to add a certain percentage of “looking for A113.” And weeping really, given how much kleenex I went through during both Up and Toy Story 3.


Ratatouille Easter Eggs

6 Jul

Need an excuse to go see Ratatouille again? The Disney Blog has a list of 15 reasons, many of them Easter Eggs.

Jedi Academy to Replace Endor Village?

5 Jul

Bittersweet news for Star Wars fans . . . reports that:

Disney has filed plans with the Orange County Comptroller’s Office to begin construction on a permanent stage for Jedi Training Academy. According to the plans, the stage will be built where the Endor village currently is.

I’m stoked about the Jedi Training Academy becoming a permanent feature at Disney-MGM Studios, rather than just a special event during Star Wars Weekends. But man I love that Endor village, especially in the evenings where you can hear the little dudes celebrating.

Big hat tip to MouseExtra, not just for bringing my attention to’s posting in the first place, but also for being a big freakin’ Star Wars geek (yay!):

The description of the project offered within the official files is “to design, engineer, construct, and install an outdoor stage reminiscent of the Imperial Bunker on Endor from Star Wars”. Not withstanding the fact that the bunker was in Return of the Jedi and not Star Wars [emphasis mine], we can only assume that such a stage must be for the Academy, although in the file I read there is not mention of the Academy.

Freeze Frame! Andy’s Bookshelf

4 Jun

2719 Hyperion has a great piece today breaking down the meaning of various titles on Andy’s bookshelf in Toy Story.

The Pixar folks are notorious for putting in-jokes and company references in their films. One of the earliest examples of this is a tribute mash of sorts in the original Toy Story, released in 1995. Near the beginning of the movie when Woody is speaking to all the toys, a close inspection of the bookcase behind him reveals books whose titles and authors pay homage to some of Pixar’s short films and also to some of the company’s staffers of that time period.

There’s a few titles on the shelf he’s asking for help on:

Feet First, Help the Planet and one whose title begins with Pale Cowboy. . .

I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from you if you’ve got the scoop!

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